Friday, December 4, 2020

Margaret (in progress)

I had the honor of meeting a friend's wife in person after having only heard of her from afar. When we met, I was struck by her pale complexion, dark eyes and black curly hair. She reminded me of the pretty women often depicted on vintage cigar box labels, so I asked if I could paint her portrait as such.

She graciously sat for me and I am now about half-way through painting her portrait. 

As I painted, I took pictures so you can see the image emerging from the canvas.


It's getting there, piece by piece. 

I have been busy with my writing lately but am trying to spend a few hours here and there on this portrait. I needed to really push myself to break out of my artistic rut. For too long I have just painted small paintings in short periods of time, rather than pushing my skill by working on something difficult. Seeing what can be accomplished when I push harder over multiple days is encouraging.

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WendyRaf said...

Can you make a version with laser eyes? (or photoshop...)